Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "World Cup Dip"

Ohk!! it was the epic day of the World Cup 2011 Finals, and we had called a couple of friends to watch the match together.  We all needed something to munch with the drinks. I just got some packets of nachos and was thinking of some nice dip to go with the nachos. I just stepped into the kitchen and just thought of a dip in a jiffy with some random ingredients. Here's what i did:- 

1) Took around 350- 400 gms of yohurt in a bowl.
2) Put around 2 heaped table spoons of cheese spread (i used pepper flavored).
3) Added finely Chopped 4-5 cloves of garlic in to it.
4) Sliced a small onion and stir fried the same in some olive oil till it became translucent.
4) Chopped the stir fried onion and added it to the bowl.
5)Added 1 teaspoon of  mustard paste. ( i used coleman's. you may use any strong mustard).
6) Now here's the punch. I added one table spoon of mustard oil to it.
7) Added a juice of one big lemon.
8) Added some chili flakes and salt as per taste.

This dip was super yummy  and trust me the flavor of mustard oil in this is kikass!! Just do not forget to chill this dip in fridge for about 30 - 40 mins before you serve it. This will go great with any sort of chips, french fries , or nachos. You can also put this dip in a tortilla, put in some sliced tomatoes, cucumber, some fresh coriander, and just grill it and your perfect snack it ready!!

And hey!! We won the world cup!!!

Happy Dipping!!